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To take advantage of our free no-obligation quote, contact John or Sue on 0408 679 324, or click on the orange button below to fill in our contact form or just send us an email. For a prompt, reliable and professional tree stump removal and stumpgrinding service, get in touch with the leading tree stump grinding company in the North Shore area - Superior Stump Removals

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Stump Removals Costs ~ Quotes and Pricing


Superior Stump Removals costs are based upon the size and number of stumps to be removed.

Let us give you a professional no obligation quote. We will ask lots of questions and then provide a cost effective solution to your stump removal problems.

When asking for a quotation it would be useful to have some idea of the number of stumps and a rough idea of how wide they are and how tall the stump is. This information will enable Superior Stump Removals to understand what your job entails.

We will always offer some phone guidance to your enquiries, but as professionals we prefer to visit the job ourselves.

Once the full scope of what need to be achieved are established, we will provide you with an accurate, 'no obligation' quotation. We always respond to enquiries as promptly as possible. When a job is agreed upon, we always show up on time and complete all work in a timely fashion. We are a reputable company that you can depend on. We know that once you’ve decided to remove a stump, you want it gone as soon as possible. Once you approve our quote, it can sometimes be done on the spot.

Superior Stump Removals ~ you can be assured of peace of mind.