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We have a huge range of stumpgrinding and stump removal equipment to cover all your needs.

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Our Stump Grinding Equipment


Superior Stump Removals costs are based upon the size and number of stumps to be removed.

Carlton Ox SP80 ~ our heavy weapon for big stumps
The Carlton has a 80 HP Turbo Charged Kubota diesel engine to give us the power we need to really annihilate tree stumps of any size. The SP80 provides 80-horsepower and features wireless remote control, four speed ground drive capabilities, and traction control. With cutting dimensions of 43-inches above ground, 18-inches below ground, and an 80-inch sweep, this machine shows power and performance.

Combined with a hydraulically Controlled Scrape Blade, we can easily spread or move chipping piles for our customers.
With a set of Turf Friendly Tracks, this machine is at home on both lawns and land clearing sites.


Vermeer SC60TX style ~ gives us an excellent smaller option for difficult access jobs
The SC60TX is the ideal self-propelled stump cutter when you need a compact machine to get into smaller or harder access areas. Its undercarriage retracts to a mere 35”/89 cm wide for confined areas. Rubberised tracks manoeuvre easily on virtually all kinds of terrain or ground conditions. We can minimize ground disturbance because the rubber tracks reduce ground pressure. The SC60TX style turns on a dime and has a zero turning radius. It’s designed to manoeuvre over tough terrain and through narrow passageways making access to most backyards a breeze.


Portable Stumpmaster Handheld - for small and limited access jobs

This is where we have got those really difficult access jobs covered. In case our larger machine comes up against a stump they can't cut, due to either proximity to a building, or maybe because of delicate surrounding landscape. It’s designed to easily lift into difficult to reach areas and narrow passageways making access to most backyards a breeze. it is perfect for working around smaller gardens.

Lightweight and portable design enables it to easily eradicate stumps and prune roots in difficult access areas such as narrow gateways and courtyard areas.

Because of its clean-cutting action through soil, it can dig trenches through lawns and gardens without causing damage to the surrounding environment.


Add to this our Kanga mini loader which can easily squeeze into narrow gaps.

It's easy to see that we have the right equipment for whatever the job may throw up. Our Dingo operators are experienced in carrying and lifting heavy loads that would be impossible by manual efforts alone. Let us save you time, labor, and possibly your back, by calling today for a "no-obligation " estimate.

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