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This is our Stump Removals FAQ's page where you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Are you fully insured?

Safety is always of utmost priority with Superior Stump Removals. We understand the importance of Workplace Health and Safety and seek the best practices for the safest and most efficient outcome. We are very conscientious to ensure that safety regulations are adhered to in order to minimise risk of injury to you or your property.

We are fully licensed and insured. Being a family-run business, we have the same concerns for workmanship and safety as our customers. We pride ourselves on our integrity and our dependable, quality work at a competitive price. Superior Stump Removals have $20 million insurance cover.

How much does it cost?

Superior Stump Removals quotes are based upon the size and number of stumps to be removed. When asking for a quotation it would be useful to have some idea of the number of stumps and a rough idea of how wide they are and how tall the stump is. This information will enable Superior Stump Removals to understand what your job entails.

We will always offer some phone guidance to your enquiries, but as professionals we prefer to visit the job ourselves. Once the full scope of what need to achieved are established, we will provide you with an accurate, 'no obligation' quotation.

Services run near my tree stump - what should I do?

Superior Stump Removals does not accept any liability to damages to underground services.?Whenever services run near to a stump, this can make a job much more difficult and add to costs. We recommend you contact suitability qualified contractors to disconnect these services before we begin this type of stump grinding. We will always liase with you and discuss your options prior to beginning a job.

What happens to the chippings that are left?

We always clean up after every job. We blow and rake grindings back into the stump hole and over a period of time these chippings will break down and decompose.? Add a little soil, blood and bone and water to left over chippings and spread them as a mulch over your garden beds. Left over grindings that cannot be returned to a hole will be raked into a pile. You can discuss with us if you wish any grindings to be removed and we can arrange this at a cost.

Are you prompt and will you clean up after yourselves?

Superior Stump Removals pride ourselves on providing a service that leaves the customer completely happy with the work carried out. We understand the importance of customer satisfaction so we commit ourselves 100 percent to getting the job done correctly and promptly.

You can be confident that we will arrive on time and with the right equipment and we will leave your area tidy after our stump grinding operation is complete.

Can you make the quote as cheap as possible?

We always try and offer cost effective solutions to your stump removal jobs. However we are an established company with over 30 years experience in tree services. We take a professional approach to all our jobs, and carefully assess the best options for any specific job. There are no short cuts in stump removal jobs if you want a tree stump and roots totally removed.

To help us reduce costs - you can ensure that your stumps are cut near to ground level. This means we do not need to use a chainsaw to reduce the size of the stump. You can also remove any obstructions close to your stump. This will enable us to get directly to the job without wasting time and labour resources and adding to costs. Lastly - if you can provide greater access to your site by removing obstuctions such as panelling from fences, or removing gates to allow our larger grinders access your property we can use our larger stump equipment to offer fast and cost effective time based solutions.

We will always offer better rates for multiple stumps. Give John or Sue a call on 0408 679 324 or email us, it may be cheaper than you think.

What is the biggest stump you can grind ?

We have yet to turn away a big stump job. Take a look at our Photo Gallery to see some of our stump removal jobs. There is no size limit as we have the range of equipment to tackle both big and small jobs.

Do I need to be at home?

Superior Stump Removals are a highly reputable company. After an initial discussion with the Client and a "no-obligation" quote - our reputation is such that customers are happy for us to carry out the work in their absence knowing that the work will be done efficiently with the minimum amount of ground disturbance and the area will be left tidy.

What other services do you offer ?

We can carry out a variety of arboricultural services. We can also recommend qualified tree surgeons and landscapers that we think offer highly professional services that compliment our own areas of expertise. Please contact us via the Contact Page or by telephone on 0408 679 324 or email us.and we will be pleased to discuss your needs.

Our Stump is really difficult to access?

This is not usually a problem. We have tracked machines that are ideal in wet slippery awkward conditions and which can work on steep inclines. We have smaller grinders that can be manouvered through mere 35?/89 cm wide confined areas. Rubberised tracks manoeuvre easily on virtually all kinds of terrain or ground conditions. And we have handheld grinders for really limited access grinding jobs that need lots of attention to detail so all in all we can access most gardens, paddocks, orchards, play areas, pool areas,

Why should I use your Tree Grinding services ? I can do it myself?

Well of course you can try and remove a stump yourself. And why not? But do be aware that you may slowly find out that the tree root is much deeper than you think. It may also be right next to some hidden power or water services. Or it might also be embedded in sun baked hard ground that can be a bit tricky for picks and mattocks. Not to mention the hidden rocks and obstructions that tree and shrub roots love to twist around. And of course, any injuries you incur can ultimately cost you more in terms of time off work. But don?t stress - a stump that you might spend all weekend trying to remove unsuccessfully can be ground quickly by a professional! So save yourself the worry and the aggravation and let us surprise you with our competitive quotes and costs.

What areas do you work in?

Primarily around the North Shore and the Northern Beaches but we also provide cover further afield based on the size of a job. For more detailed information on our stump removal services - click here.

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